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Not to be confused with the PPA DEGREE PROGRAM…

Have you ever wondered about the ribbons decorated with special pins and fancy gold bars that many members proudly wear? Or why they have some extra letters after their names?

The Fellowship Program is a way to recognize PPN members not only for their loyal service to the organization, but also for their print competition achievements. The PPN fellowship levels track and promote your ongoing commitment to growing (and sharing) your skills. Receiving recognition anytime in our highly competitive field of professional photography impresses clients and could mean the difference between someone hiring YOU over another photographer. You want your clients to chose you because of your dedication to service, right?

‘MERITS’ are from Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and are accumulated for National degrees. Under some circumstances, you receive state credit for earning national merits. Click here to view more about PPA Merit and Degree Program.

‘CREDITS’ are given by Professional Photographers of Nebraska (PPN) and apply to your state fellowship degrees. Every time you volunteer, speak, or serve on a committee, the supervising board member will notify the PPN Fellowship Chairperson of your service and will keep track of your cumulative record. Print and Service credits are listed in your profile online and also printed in the annual edition of The Nebraska Photographer. In addition, you are awarded not only with a colored ribbon and medallion to indicate your degrees, but also with the right to include some initials behind your name.


FELLOWSHIP REPRESENTATIVE: Jessica Baer, 402-517-1436

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