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Code of Ethics

Professional Photographers of Nebraska 

Code of Ethics 

I, having been accepted into membership in the Professional Photographers of Nebraska, Inc. do hereby subscribe 

without reservation to this Code of Ethics, and do solemnly agree that:

     1. I will strive at all times to upgrade and improve my knowledge and skill in professional photography, marketing

and related areas.

     2. I will strive to present all photography and photographic services in surroundings and in a manner that reflects

the highest level of professionalism.

     3. I will treat all clients and the general public with honesty and integrity; I will refrain from discussing any other

photographer or photography studio in other than a professional manner and, if I am confronted about the 

ethical practices of another photographer or photography studio, I will immediately refer to the PPN Ethics 


     4. I will not use any marketing or competitive practice which violates any Federal Trade Commission or other

Federal or State regulatory agency rule or regulation, and Federal or State statute or any decision of any 

Federal or State Court. 

     5. I will strive at all times to produce photography and photographic services in accordance with the highest levels

of professionalism.

     6. In all dealings with fellow photographers, students and others who aspire to be professional photographers, I

will gladly share the knowledge and skill in professional photography that I possess.

     7. I will support the efforts for and assist in the education of all interested persons and the general public in the art

and science of professional photography.

     8. I will advertise and sell the merits of my services and products and refrain from degrading my competitors.

     9. I will reveal all the material facts and avoid concealment of information and refrain from using innuendoes in

advertising and selling that might cause consumers to be misled so that the truth about services or products 

may be fully understood.

     10. I will advertise only bonafide prices and products and refrain from use of ‘bait’ advertising methods.

     11. I will fulfill all contractual obligations, offer a reasonable warranty of products and services and perform on such

warranty, either written or implied, where justifiable claims are in order, and to do this without hesitation.

     12. I will keep confidential all classified or personal information obtained in the course of a professional assignment

except, with the consent of the client.

     13. When photographing a wedding, I will make every effort to provide each client with a photographic record of

their wedding which exemplifies the best of my artistic abilities; I will be prompt in meeting all schedules on the 

wedding day and for delivery of photographs; I Will use only high quality, dependable equipment, film, and 

accessories which are in good working order and carry spare equipment for use in emergencies; I will conduct 

myself in accordance with the customs and doctrines of each particular house of worship and conform to 

prevailing regulations regarding the taking of photographs; I will attend each wedding dressed appropriately for 

the occasion, photographing in a dignified, unobtrusive manner in keeping with the dignity of the occasion and in 

harmony with the environinent; and I will build a rapport with my clients to make the photographic experience as 

meaningful as possible.

     14. I hereby agree to all conditions and terms as outlined in Appendix III to the by-laws of the Professional

Photographers of Nebraska, Inc., as amended August, 1997 or as periodically amended in the 


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