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The Professional Photographers of Nebraska and it’s Board of Directors are dedicated to uplifting professionalism to the highest of standards, promoting ethical practices within the photographic industry, and educating it’s members through publications, forums, and conferences.


  • To unite in common organization those engaged in photography as a profession, and to promote the common business interests and improve business conditions of those engaged in the photography profession.
  • To create, foster, promote, and maintain cordial relations and cooperation and interchange of thought and opinion freely among members, and to acquaint the members with advancements in photography through, among other means, the publication of a magazine [blog].
  • To regularly conduct shows and conventions which, through the character of the exhibits and the extent of industry products displayed, stimulate interest and demand for, the product and services of the photography profession in general.
  • To formulate and maintain ethical standards for the guidance of it’s members in their relations with each other and with the public.

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