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"...this has just brought home to me how important membership is and how important it is to actually attend events in person. It's healing, it invigorating and it provides everything you ever needed to enrich your life. If you aren't registered to attend our upcoming conference why not? It's like food to a starving person. You NEED to be there." - Holly Howe, PPofN Lifetime Member

Congratulations! You have decided to become a member of the the Professional Photographers of Nebraska. The PPN is among the top PPA Affiliate State organizations in the country. Since 1964, PPN has been serving the professional photographers of our state. PPN brings the best educational opportunities to its members year round through their two multi-day conferences, several one-day events, publications and web site. Many of our members credit their studio's success to the education they received as a PPN member. In addition, you will soon discover a world of fun, social opportunities and fellowship. Life long friendships will develop with colleagues, fellow photographers and industry professionals.

The next step to become a member of PPN, is filling out the online application under the "Join Now" tab to the left. By joining online, you will be able to register for conferences (fall and winter), as well as Educational Mondays. You will also gain access to online newsletters, our Blog, and a photography forum to talk to other photographers.

If you would like to apply off-line and mail in the membership application, please email or call the membership director listed below.

Mail your completed Membership Application and Code of Ethics form to:

Tonya Ottemann, Membership Director

505 Central Avenue

Nebraska City, NE 68410



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